Sonntag, 19. November 2023

Howl - Digging Towards An Interanlized Glow / Shattered Lungs And Poisoned Breath

Release of some really old Howl songs which should have been released years ago.

Digging Towards An Internalized Glow
Shattered Lungs And Poisoned Breath

All lyrics, music and art by K.

Listen: Bandcamp

Montag, 30. Oktober 2023

Irr - Twisting And Twirling - Of Flesh Subliming

 Irr - Demo Cassette 2023

Of Flesh Subliming
Twisting And Twirling

All lyrics and music by Irr
Mix and master by Yvo Petrzilek at Verwaltzen Productions

Covart art by chaos
Sourve images created through dall-e
Digital cover layout by Daniele Brumana
Logo by Antiigraphic

Samstag, 8. April 2023

IRR - First show announcement

 Since Forlet Sires takes a long hiatus mutliple bandmembers formed a new band to keep the black metal energy flowing. IRR will present a first glance of their fast and straight approach to black metal at the 10th of June at Gaswerk Winterthur while opening for Afsky and Panopticon.

Red Tape Redemption - Disassembled man

 Februar 2023: Red Tape Redemption released a mini-ep called Disassembled man consisting of two acoustic guitar tracks.

Better man

Music and lyrics by Red Tape Redemption. Recorded at Cosy Penthouse, Buchs SG by Red Tape Redemption. Mixed by Yvo Petrzilek, Verwaltzen Productions. Mastered by Justin Weis. Artwork by Cosy Penthouse Design, Artwork photography by Lukas Oberholzer. Released through The Yelling Light.

The digital version of the record is available on the bands Bandcampe page.

Red Tape Redemption - Driving Live

 Driving Live is the live recording derivate of the Red Tape Redemption debut EP Driving South. The session was recorded live at Krempel Tanzbar in our hometown Buchs SG. 

Longer Nights

Lyrics and music by Red Tape Redemption. Additional musicians Simon Gabathuler (Elctric Fluid, The Mailbox Project) and Sebastian Vogt (IRR, Megaton Sword, The Kushan Empire). Filming by David Gabathuler and Jonathan Giger. Lights by Daniele Brumana. Technical assistance by Manuel Steiner. Recording by Red Tape Redemption. Mix by Yvo Petrzilek, Verwaltzen Productions. Master by Justin Weis.

Red Tape Redemption - Driving South

 Red Tape Redemption is project formed after the disbanding of Coffee For The Restless. Their first EP was released in 2020 through The Yelling Light.

Driving South The Coast
Hot Stuff
Longer Nights

All music and lyrics by Red Tape Redemption. Recorded by Red Tape Redemption. Mix and Master by Yvo Petrzilek, Verwaltzen Productions. Artwork by David Gabathuler of Analog Dump.

The recorde is only available in digital format and can be streamed on most of the streaming platfroms and downloaded from the Red Tape Redemption Bandcamp page.

Swamp Flower Ryhme - Live at Les Digitales

In Summer of 2019 Swamp Flower Rhyme had the honor to perform at the magnificent Les Digitales Festival at the botanical garden of Bern. The recording was live streamed by the local radio station and is now available through the Swamp Flower Ryhme Bandcamp page.