Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Coffee For The Restless Debut Album Release

The young fellas of Coffe For The Restless are just about to release their first album called Coffee Show. The album will be released only as a CD-Version and comes in a digipack. 
Release date will be the third of june.

Track List:
1. Wolf Lied
2. Zombie In My Backyard
3. Coffee Time
4. Tv Show
5. Coffee Show
6. Cigarbox 
7. Good Times
8. Melanie
9. Bearsong
10. Love Your Enemy
11. Red Fox
12. Coffee For The Restless
13. Wet Socks
14. Rasende Wut
15. Nino

The album can be heard and orderd here: 
Later this year, there will also be a new Swamp Flower Rhyme release, so stay tuned!